What is this?

It's a site to help you share and discuss bookmarks with friends.

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Key Features

Autorefreshing pages

The bookmarks and comments pages will automatically update with the bookmarks or comments added.

Auto Fill-in of Notes field (bookmark/page title) during add

If you are using the add bar on the home page to add a URL, the notes field is optional. It will be automatically populated with the page's title (as given in the HTML title tag) when left blank.


Tags are ways to attach a label (a "tag") of some kind to a bookmark. You can add or edit tags on the Edit page (click the pencil icon).

You can't add tags while adding the bookmark on purpose. The reason is that when adding a bookmark, the system will soon have a feature that "autotags" the bookmark for you. Editing the bookmark's tags will be considered an afterthought because the autotagging system will be so great.

You can also use the "Show links tagged as" search field on the home page to show bookmarks with tags matching any of the words you enter. This is an OR search of tags. If you enter "news, geek" it will then display any bookmarks tagged as "news" OR "geek" or both. We may add an "AND" style filtering option in the future.

Saved Filters

You can filter your tags with the search field then click the [Save] link next to it and save that as a preset for later. It will show up in the 'filter bar' above the search field. If you need to edit or delete these entries, you can click hte gear and choose 'Edit Saved Filters' OR you can hover on the saved filter in the filter bar and you should see a Pencil / Edit icon pop up that you can click. Same thing. It lets you rename it, change the tags in the filter, or just delete it.

Privacy Policy?

Somerby probably doesn't need one. But read on if you are concerned.

If this site were a person, its political views might be viewed as "libertarian." The site has a philosophy of not collecting any information outside of what is necessary for it to function. First, there is no information collected about you that you don't enter into the site itself except for some reporting stats (like browser and OS). You'll notice you don't have to log in and you don't have to enter your name or captcha or anything like that to use the page. Now we might have a serious problem if anyone starts to share this site out to to many people or some hackers discover it or something, but hopefully for now it can stay as it is.

Oh yeah. There is NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY as far as anything you post here, of course. Unlike Facebook which makes you feel like what you post is private, but it's really not, there is no mucking about here. It's not private.